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Mens 9 hole Midweek Stableford (Multi Tee) - Q Rules

The Warwickshire Golf Club Men's Section Competition Rules for Stroke Play.
1. The rules for all Stroke Play Competitions (SPC) are set by the Warwickshire Competition Committee (CC) and can only be amended by the CC. These rules may be amended by the CC at any time prior to the first tee time of any competition.
2. All SPC will be played under The Rules of Golf for Stroke Play as laid down by The Royal and Ancient Golf Club of St Andrews, any local rules specified by The Warwickshire Golf Club and/or the CC and in accordance with all guidelines and rules as laid down by CONGU and English Golf Union.
3. As summarised in the specific competition description, all SPC will be:
a. A full qualifier for the purpose of handicap unless otherwise stated by the CC prior to competition commencement.
b. Played on the course allocated by the CC.
c. Played from the tees allocated by the CC or be a multi tee competition.
d. In the Medal, Stableford or Nine Hole format.
e. Subject to an entry fee (including any optional 2s sweep)
f. Yield a prize fund in accordance with the men's section prize fund policy.
4. The CC may, in exceptional circumstances (e.g. bad weather and fog) and as it deems necessary, suspend or abandon any SPC at any time after the first tee.
5. In Stableford and Medal format, shot allowance will be full handicap unless stated otherwise by the CC. In Nine Hole Competitions, shot allowance will be as per the Nine Hole handicap chart found on the Players' notice board and on the Information page of the Warwickshire website. The touchscreen computer in the clubhouse will also confirm handicap allowances upon entry of scores.
6. Players will use the appropriate stroke indexes on the relevant scorecard when calculating nett and Stableford scores.

Entry & Registration
7. Competitors must be a current male member of The Warwickshire Golf Club (i.e. have full 5 day or 7 day (for weekend competitions) playing rights) and hold an official CONGU handicap with competition (c) status. Players without competition (c) status handicaps are allowed to enter in order to gain or regain their handicap but will be ineligible for a competition prize, they are permitted to enter the 2s sweep as normal.
8. Junior competitors are not permitted to enter the competition without at least one adult member aged 18 years or over in their playing group.
Registration All Competitions
9. Players are required to register for all competitions they have entered or intend to enter, in person at the club pro-shop on the day of the competition prior to their tee time. At this point, competition entry fees must be paid (there is also an optional 2s sweep). Failure to correctly register in a competition will invoke automatic disqualification.
10. During registration for multi-tee competitions, competitors must declare which tees they intend to play from.
11. During registration, competitors are requested to: ensure that the issued scorecard is correctly completed and contains (or complete the scorecard so that it contains):
a. The name of the competition
b. The date
c. The tee time
d. The player's name
e. The player's handicap
f. The player's entry number
g. An indication of the tees to be used by the player.
The CC may impose competition sanctions in line with the current CC sanctions policy if cards do not contain correct information

Weekend Competitions Entry
12. Weekend competitions may be entered via The Warwickshire website or via the Warwickshire pro shop. Players may select any of the available allocated tee slots. The CC may, prior to the competition, re-allocate tee times it deems necessary for logistical reasons. Players will always be informed if tee slots change and they will only be moved by the least amount of time.
13. Competitors may, in special circumstances and subject to CC approval, play outside of the allocated tee slots provided that they:
a. Book a tee time by no later than 12pm (midday) the day prior to the competition.
b. Arrange to be accompanied by at least one other Warwickshire golf member with a valid competition handicap as a marker or fellow competitor.
c. Contact the CC by no later than 12pm the day prior to the competition asking for permission to play outside of the tee time. The tee time and the name of the accompanying member/s must be stated.
The competition administrator will normally confirm the request and then enter the player into the competition as usual. The CC have the right to refuse permission as it deems appropriate.
14. Competitors are requested to remove themselves from any competitions entered they are unable to attend, as this allows other members the chance to play, even at short notice.

Weekday Competitions Entry
15. Weekday competitions do not have allocated tee slots and Players are responsible for arranging their own tee times for the set day by any of the normal tee time reservation methods.

Scorecard Completion and Score Entry
16. It is the player's responsibility to ensure that their scorecard:
a. Is correctly completed and signed by the marker.
b. Has the correct gross scores recorded for each hole.
c. Has been signed by the player.
d. Indicates the player's correct handicap.
e. Is returned by posting it in the competition box in the clubhouse bar.
Failure to comply with rule 16 a-e will invoke automatic disqualification. Failure to comply with 16e may also incur CC sanctions.

17. Players are also requested:
a. To complete their nett and/or Stableford scores.
b. Enter their score on the clubhouse touch screen.
Failure to comply with rule 17b, may invoke CC sanctions.
18. If a competing junior's scorecard is not marked by an adult member, then the junior must state the full name of the adult in his group on row c at the top of his scorecard. If the marker is an adult then the full name of the marker should be indicated in the marker section as normal.

Non - Completion of Round.
19. Regardless of the reason, any competitor not completing the course or competition must state the reason for non-completion on his scorecard which must be completed and returned in the normal manner as per rules 16-18 above. It is a CONGU requirement that all cards are returned, completed or otherwise. This applies to but is not limited to; withdrawal through injury and competition abandonment.
20. In the event of a competitor being unable to fulfil any of the above conditions they must contact the competition organiser or any CC member providing reasons for non-compliance, either by leaving a clear message with the scorecard or by phoning on the day of the competition. Any withdrawals during the round must be reported to the competition administrator or any CC member immediately and the scorecard must be endorsed by the marker.

Scoring and placings
21. Scoring for the competition will be in the Stableford or Medal format and the competition winner will be:
a. The player with the most points in Stableford format
b. The player with the fewest nett shots in Medal format.
22. The countback method will be used for ties.
23. Subsequent minor placings will be the next highest point score or next lowest gross score and then follow sequentially throughout the field.
24. Prizes will be awarded in accordance with rule 3f.

Rule Breaches, Disputes and Sanctions
25. Any breach of these rules will be assessed by the CC and any appropriate penalties or sanctions will be applied by the CC as it deems necessary and in accordance with the current sanction penalty policy set by the CC.
26. Any discrepancy, complaint, breach of these rules or any other issue regarding SPC rules, must be reported to any CC member or any Mens Captaincy Team (MCT) member as soon as possible. All matters will be dealt with in accordance with the current CC & MCT procedures. The CC decisions will be final including referral to the MCT.

The contact for this competition is Ian Smith

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